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The Guest Services and Hospitality industry faces many challenges: Attracting a Crowd -ACQUISITION- Encouraging retail participation -MARKETING- and Creating a Unique Experience that keeps guests coming back -RETENTION-!

We're passionate about helping organizations improve their complete client experience. If your organization has that complex puzzle figured out, move on to the next website... But if you cannot logically storyboard your Acquisition and Retention strategies within the context of *Experience... then we should talk!.
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
-Walt Disney


Our acumen is very specific to your Guest *Experience challenges.  If your organization can answer how to address them, we’ll enjoy a coffee and discuss weather.  If you need help addressing them, lets talk!
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Digital Integration

We’re well into the 21st Century.  Do you have corresponding technologies available for your guest’s interaction?  This isn’t just a Website, it isn’t just an App, it isn’t just Social Media… It is a well-planned integration of all components that creates your unique brand *experience! .
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Drive Revenue

A unique Guest *Experience Strategy drives revenue.  The cost of acquisition is exponentially more than retention.  A big fire will attract a crowd to watch, but when it dies down- make sure you have something for guests to come back to!
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Project Management

We are also able to partner with you to implement the strategies and manage it’s complexities.  Project Management takes time and resources; if your organization has the will to see a project through but just need a dedicated team to manage, contact us!
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Need a business partner to help you move business forward?

theOffice.Company is passionate about creating business opportunities!  Let us sit down with you at your office, local restaurant, or coffee establishment and discuss your goals and unique challenges. Regardless of the need we are able to devise solutions, simple or complex, to address your situation and move forward!

Why choose us?

  • Website design and maintenance
  • AID, or Abandoned In Design, assistance to finish sites
  • Mobile-Ready websites using responsive technology
  • Business development consulting
  • Promotion campaign design
  • Complex solution project management that brings together multiple/integrated solutions
  • Promotional analytics and reporting
  • Retainer or per-project

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